Protecting Children in the Catholic Church

The Safeguarding Program is a part of Archbishop Timothy Costello’s response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse. All Parishes now have Safeguarding Officers who maintain a presence in the Parish and are trained as a first point of contact for children and vulnerable adults who are experiencing  abuse or have concerns along these lines.

The Archdiocese recognises the need to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults and aims to achieve this through the Safeguarding Program. The Program is child focused and informed by a fundamental belief that children have the right to physical and psychological safety at all times.

Policies and procedures have been developed for parishes and all clergy, staff and volunteers who are required to comply with the policy, procedures and practices outlined in the project. The role of our Parish’s Trained Safeguarding Officers, Amanda and Ann, is to assist you in all matters pertaining to concerns regarding the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

Armadale Parish Safeguarding Officers

If you have any concerns about a person in the parish or about a child protection or child safety issue, you can discuss it with our Parish Safeguarding Officers: Amanda Bowen or Ann Bond.


Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Safeguarding Officers

The role of our Parish Safeguarding Officers is crucial to ensure parishes meet the Archdiocese of Perth’s safeguarding responsibilities in all aspects of service that they undertake. They will be required to:

  • Be a source of support, advice and information on all matters of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in the parish.
  • Be the first point of contact for children, vulnerable adults and other members of the parish community regarding suspicions of abuse and other safeguarding concerns.
  • Respond to all safeguarding concerns in line with the Archdiocese’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Manual, reporting these concerns to the Safeguarding Project Coordinator and/or other authorities, as needed.
  • Keep the Parish Priest informed of all concerns, responses and activities relating to safeguarding children and other members of the parish community.
  • Raise the profile of safeguarding in the parish; ensuring it remains a high priority and report on any issues or concerns in conformity with safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Assist with proactive measures within parishes to safeguard children.
  • In respect to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Volunteers

Please note: All adults over the age of 18, who assist in any ministry at our Parish, these include and are not limited to: Acolytes, Special Ministers, Children’s Liturgy, Chi Rho, over 18’s attending YBC events, Parish Office employees and volunteers MUST read the Archdiocese’s Safeguarding Handbook and complete Form 2 and Form 18 of the Handbook and have a current Working with Children’s Card. 

After reading the handbook, download Form 2 and Form 18, complete and sign the forms and return to the Parish Safeguarding Officers, with a copy of your Working with Children’s Card. 

For further information on the project contact:

Andrea Musulin – Safeguarding Project Coodinator
29 Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000
Telephone: +61 (08) 9221 7762
Fax: +61 (08) 9325 7459

Parent Resources

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