Community Support

Billings Ovulation Method ®

Billings Ovulation Method ® is about education for life. Knowledge about the Billings Ovulation Method ® brings with it the confidence and freedom for couples to regulate fertility without drugs or devices. It teaches a woman to recognise healthy fertility and alerts her if any problem arises, giving her control of her health. It can be learnt and applied at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life.

Fertility is every couple’s responsibility. Sharing this responsibility develops a mutual respect within the relationship through deeper understanding and communication. The Billings Ovulation Method ® is acceptable to all cultures and faiths and has been used by millions of women around the world, including China. In the words of Dr Evelyn Billings, “This is knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have”.

The Billings Ovulation Method® is a healthy lifestyle choice if you are seeking a natural and effective alternative to chemical or mechanical interventions in family planning. Developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings, the Billings Ovulation Method® has been validated by eminent international scientists and successfully trialled by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The Method has assisted many sub-fertile couples to become pregnant. It is as effective as any artificial contraception in preventing pregnancy. The Billings Ovulation Method® is for YOU!

For more information please contact: Parish Office (08) 9399 2143
Confidential appointments can be made Monday to Friday. Billings LIFE is grateful to the St Francis Xavier Parish for the opportunity to conduct teaching clinics at Xavier House.

Knights of the Southern Cross

The Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross is an Australian organisation of Catholic laymen who operate with the support of the Australian Bishops. The Order is guided by the Catholic faith and the cardinal and chivalrous virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude and temperance in all its charitable works. It strives to serve the wider community and support those in need. Members of the Branch within our Parish meet once per month to discuss and plan local projects, conduct focus sessions on Catholic issues of the day and socialise. The Branch links with State and National projects where required. For more information please visit our web site

St Vincent De Paul Society

Vinnies work with other agencies / groups and can provide emergency food, payment of utility bills, clothing, furniture, financial counselling etc. but more importantly a non-judgmental listening ear. Meetings are held every second Monday 7pm in the meeting room.

Emergency help: Head Office Call Centre Monday- Friday 9am to 1pm: 1300 947 054
Collection of bulk items from Armadale & Byford, Thursdays: 6323 7520
[Canning Vale Depot]

Local Vinnies Shops:
40 Fourth Rd                        9b Brewer Rd
Armadale 6112                    Canning Vale 6155
9399 2106                             6323 7569

Street Chaplains

Street Chaplains is an organisation where people from all different Christian Faiths come together to help mend the broken lives of the people who are on the streets. We have been called to a vital ministry in our time. We believe we will find our Lord Jesus Christ on the streets and in the broken lives of the people we meet.

Visiting Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

The members of the ‘Visiting Ministry of Prayer for the Sick and Homebound are a volunteer Catholic group who go out to visit the sick and the elderly. This Visiting Ministry supports Priestly Ministry and Holy Communion is taken to our parishioners who are unable to attend Mass in our Church.
Parish Office: (08) 9399 2143


This group provides a service to the community when help is required, especially in times of emergency. Areas of help are: meals, transport, parent help, home duties, handyman work, visiting, babysitting, etc. The group tries to meet once a month to negotiate any help needed to be given to parishioners and the community. If you are in need of short term help, please contact one of our coordinators and they will organise a volunteer to visit.
Parish Office: (08) 9399 2143