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Parish Bulletins

Parish Soccer Team

To all soccer enthusiasts from age 14 and over, the monthly soccer fun and practice is on Saturday, 29th June between 4pm to 5pm at Xavier Catholic School oval. For information please leave a text message to coordinator and coach Santi (details in the bulletin). Parish youth leaders are welcomed to participate in any way, to possibly take leadership roles and to support the players. We were 8 players in April and we have had a good time and practice. Well done everyone, we are doing well.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival

‘Listen to what the Spirit is Saying’ 8-10 DECEMBER at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. If anyone would like to offer sponsorship either part or full, please contact the parish office. ACYF is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the...

Healing Mass

A reminder that Saturday, 22 June at 8am is the monthly healing Mass in the parish. Please invite family and friends in need to come along and receive an anointing during the Mass.