Dear friends,

We all heard with joy yesterday’s announcement from the State Government that Phase Four of the state’s return plan will take effect from this coming Saturday, 27th of June.  As part of this, the 100-person limit in places of worship will be lifted, allowing up to one person for every two square metres.  For our church in Armadale, this means we can have 250 people at any one time, or 335 with the folding wall open.  At St Kevin’s in Serpentine we may now have up to 40 people at any one time.

As a result, from this coming weekend, we will return to our normal Sunday Mass schedule.  In other words, we will have a 7:30am Mass and 9:30am Mass at the Armadale church this Sunday, instead of the makeshift schedule of the past few weeks.  Please spread the word about this to those who may not receive this e-mail.

I’m also pleased to say that from Saturday onwards we will no longer have to ask you to sign-in or reserve places for Mass – I repeat, there is no need to reserve a spot for Mass this coming Sunday.  We will however be maintaining our sign-in procedure for church visits during office hours (not including daily Mass), for safeguarding purposes (this is something we were about to phase in prior to the quarantine).  The family / crying room will reopen as of this weekend, and regular parish groups that meet in the hall or office meeting room can return to their normal schedules as of next week (please contact the office to confirm though).  Xavier House will be able to reopen shortly, but we need to institute a couple of changes there, so I would ask the groups that use Xavier House to speak with me first before planning your first gathering.

Mass at St Kevin’s, Serpentine will remain at 9:30am for the time being, but from the 2nd of August onwards the regular Mass time will move to 9am, as was agreed at our St Kevin’s AGM prior to the quarantine.  We will also have confession available at St Kevin’s after Mass on the first Sunday of every month.  Again, please spread the word about these changes to those who don’t receive this e-mail.

We will receive a letter from the Archbishop’s office shortly outlining more details as to how Phase Four will affect parishes, and I will pass those details on in due course, but I thought it best to give you all as much notice as possible regarding the change of Mass times.

Lastly, a reminder of our anniversary celebrations at St Francis Xavier church tomorrow.  We’re having a special Mass at 9am, followed by a morning tea in the parish hall.  All are welcome!

Kind regards, Fr Mark