CHRISTMAS EVE NATIVITY PLAY: Inviting all youth from year 6 onwards, who might like to be involved in the Christmas Eve nativity liturgy and carols prior to the 6.30pm Mass, to please meet with Carol in the church foyer on Saturday, 21 December at 9.30am to 12pm, to practice with our choir.

YOUTH MUSIC REHEARSAL TIMES:  The parish youth will be providing music for the Nativity play and 6.30pm Christmas Eve Mass and interested youth are invited to join the choir. If you would like to sing please join us for the following
practice sessions:

¨ 13th Dec, 5-6pm

¨ 19th Dec, 10am-12pm

¨ 21st Dec, 9.30am-12pm, combined with nativity

¨ 24th December 9am-10am

PARISH YOUTH: All parish youth are invited to our Advent gathering on Sunday 15 December from 2-4.30pm. Join the YBC attendees and hear their stories. Some finger food and drink provided
however an extra plate or nibbles would be